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About Company

Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur, India is over 40 years old company with head quarter strategically located in Central India which helps to cater to wider customer base all across India. Instrumentation & Controls System has been the area of focus, the group has wide horizon on instrumentation products including process control, analytical as well as environmental. With years of experience & training CIPL has built its core competency in Flow Measurement Technology & is known for its expertise to extend solutions to critical problems. Chandak believes in innovative, trouble free, reliable & accurate instrumentation products. It helps us solve customer’s critical problems. With the same vision we are also diversifying into sophisticated instrumentation products. Today the group wants to build core competency in other solution providing technologies to help the customers gain single point expertise. CIPL has regional offices to target industrial clusters all across India. Some of our prominent profit centers are Bombay, New Delhi, Vadodara, Vizag, Bangalore, Kolkata & Trivendrum. The sales team is well trained & are capable to deliver what is expected out of them to satisfy technological & commercial aspect of business. We plan to expand this into wider channels in near future. Chandak Instruments (S) Pte Ltd. is our extended arm in Singapore to cater to other Asian Markets. This company was established in 2011. It has been our core competency in Field Instrumentation backed by good services that helped us not only to get good recognition but build customer’s loyalty towards us. Our past performance & services gained us reliable & trust worthy brand “Chandak”. The name “Chandak” in instrumentation technology symbolises quality product & that’s because we are associated with quality brands.


  • Engineering Consultancy: Every process control application has its own difficulties & challenges, understanding it by applying all the engineering principle are most crucial in selection of appropriate technology. Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd. helps to understand the process, recommend a product that will perform & do warranty for the solution offered.
  • Manufacturing & Assembling: Two large facilities are available towards manufacturing, assembling & testing. Flow Measurement Laboratory is being planned as a future activity to support clients from Asian region.
  • Sales & Marketing: A wide spread sales & marketing network help reach clients. The marketing efforts are not only targeted to specific sector but it is spanned all across the industry including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power, Nuclear, Water, Metallurgy, Mining, Fertilizer, Space, Defence etc. This expands our horizon of market as well as sales. Moreover it helps build our experience, knowledge & maturity to extend solutions to customer’s critical flow measurement problems. That is precisely what industry seeks & our endeavor is to deliver what industry wants.
  • Installation & Commissioning: This is the most critical & crucial part of any process control industry. How sophisticated the technology may be but it will not perform if it is not installed & commissioned as per right engineering practice. Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is very particular to extend installation & commissioning services wherein highly skilled & trained man power are deputed to deliver satisfaction to clients.

Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is focused to deliver most accurate, reliable, zero maintenance instrument that will help not only to cut the production cost but it delivers peace of mind & that is what is our promise to all our customers.

Rohit Chandak

Director – Technical

Rohit brings with him 18 years of instrumentation & control systems experience. Young Entreprenuer with a vision to make it to the global market helped CIPL to establish its foot prints in Asia through Singapore. Qualified as a Science Graduate with Masters in Business Administration, he acquired technical & business knowledge through school learning, training & experience. His keen interest towards business management made him one of the founder member of local management association. Received excellence award in business & got recognised for various achievements not only in India but also abroad. Passion & love towards sports him avid golfer. Loves to read & mentoring young entreprenuers. Key responsibilities are technical support to customers, sales & business strategies, strategic ventures & associations, customer service. He is front leader for the organisation.

Amit Chandak

Director – Commercial

Amit carries 15 years of business experience. His expertise in finance & commerce helped the company to achieve major financial goals. He got educated with Bachelors in Commerce, his major subject of interest being accounting & financial startegies gives the right direction for the company. Training & Hand On Experience is what he believes is the key to learning & success. He has not only been trained on commercial aspects of business but also technical subjects too. He too got recognised by various institutes & associations for his efforts to build the company as well as society. He loves traveling & reading. His core responsibility in the organisation is to handle accounts, finance & logistics. He is backbone at the office & tries to keep everyone happy. Other key personalities at CIPL are

  1. Rajendra Khangar – Inside Sales Expert
  2. Abhay Dandekar – Regional Sales Incharge (Gujarat & Rajasthan)
  3. Azmi Awi – Regional Sales Incharge (Singapore)
  4. Shivram Bowlekar – Regional Sales Incharge (Mumbai, Goa & Maharashtra)
  5. Vipan Bhaskar – Regional Sales Incharge (Delhi & North India)
  6. Mustafa – Regional Sales Incharge (AP & Orissa)
  7. Ashish Doshi – Regional Sales Incharge (Eastern Region)
  8. K M Devaraj – Regional Sales Incharge (Southern India)

Success Stories

  1. Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar Plant

    Combustion Air Flow Measurement is something which sounds easy to handle but its one of the most complicated application. We were using Optical Flow Measurement Device which had problems with accuracy especially with swing in temperature the accuracy was not stable. Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd. suggested Thermal Mass Flow Meters, visited site to understand the application & proposed the solution. The decision to use the proposed technology was easily arrived through the confidence that Chandak showed on their solution, the support extended & visit of personnel from manufacturer. Today, we are using this solution with great satisfaction. Appeciate the product knowledge, their capability to learn the application & services extended along with quality product delivered.
  2. NTPC

    High Velocity Water Application has been a challenge to measure with appropriate device. The solution was received from Chandak, we trust them for the said solution as they have been in market for over 30 years on this product Averaging Pitot Tube. The measurement problem has been solved.
  3. Indian Space Research Organisation

    Cryogenic Flow Metering is a complex subject to deal with, better accuracy at sub-zero temperature makes it very difficult for accurate measurement. Turbine Flow Meter from Hoffer Flow Controls, Inc. through Chandak was the solution. It’s a great product on cryogenics as well as other liquid metering applications too.


“Understanding the problem to extend practical solution is something what we have experienced. Their analysis & solution helped Dalmia Cement save recurring energy cost & efficiency in the process to improve quality of our material”

– Dalmia Cements Limited

“Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur’s services were utilized to do field study on our combustion air flow measurement. Their systematic approach on the entire process is well appreciated, based on the study carried out we could fine tune the flow meters installed & improve the overall process”

Tata Steel Limited, West Bengal