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Application Summary

504FT Inline Flow Meter Application Summary

kurz 504ftb flow meter

Furnace Testing/Manufacturing Facility Improves Product Testing With Better Flow Measurement

An Engineer at a manufacture’s furnace testing facility was recently assigned a project to update flow meters and controls used at their R&D test furnace facility in Oklahoma. The facility had traditionally used multiple orifice meter runs for various gases and flow ranges required for some 15 test furnaces. The engineer knew that thermal mass flow meters had the accuracy and turn down he required for the project and set out to determine which manufacturer offered the best combination of accuracy, repeatability, turndown, and service. He selected three major manufactures, one of the manufacturers uses constant power (CPA) technology and two use constant temperature (CTA) technology. After extensive on-site testing, Kurz Instruments, Inc. (CTA Type) was selected as the inline gas mass flow meter supplier for the project and was able to obtain accurate turndowns of 200 to 1.

Application Specifics:

Furnace Testing/Manufacturing Facility
Each Furnace requires measuring the following flows:

Gas Flow Range Line SZ.
Butane 0.04 to 20 SCFM ½"
Hydrogen 0.06 to 100 SCFM 2"
CO2 0.04 to 75 SCFM 1"
Nitrogen 0.04 to 75 SCFM 1"
Propane 0.04 to 20 SCFM ½"
Propylene 0.04 to 20 SCFM ½"
Natural Gas 0.2 to 75 SCFM 1"


Kurz Instruments, Inc. inline flow meters are the perfect choice for accurate, high turndown, inline mass flow applications. With Turndowns to 200 to 1 (vs. an orifice run at 3 to 1), 1% of reading accuracy, and short pipe runs, we set the standard for skid mounted applications.