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High Pressure Natural Gas

Applications data sheet FAP007 GB

high pressure natural gas



Transport network

Sites: «Val de Seine » area (France)

Description of the application:

Within the framework of its “Counting” policy, Gaz de France renovates, improves and supplements its supervision of the flows on its transport network in the Area named « Val de Seine » (France).

Description of the equipment:

high pressure natural gas
Each equipment consists of an instrumented spool, a calculator of actual flow UF322G-2, a PTZ corrector and a set of barriers used to carry out an intrinsic safety system. The measuring spool is equipped with:

  • 4 probes (2 chords set in a reflex mode) removable under pressure ref. SG-1558.
  • 1 blind pocket intended to receive the transmitter of temperature
  • 1 pressure tap connected to the pressure transmitter.

Intrinsic safety is the mode of protection retained for the whole equipment. The converter UF322G-2 is placed in safe area and is isolated from the probes by zener barriers called Ultrasafe BZ01. The equipment is ATEX approved. Probes are certified EEX ia IIB T6 to T3 and must be connected to the Ultrasafe barriers BZ01 certified [EEx ia] IIB. The measuring equipment delivers, through the corrector a bi-directional standard volume flow, by the serial link (RS232 or 485) and the analogical output. The low frequency pulse output allows the counting of a volume.

Particular technical specifications:

The instrumented spool are manufactured according to the constraints of each site. From diameter 150 mm to 900 mm, they are carried out in 600 or 900 ASA series according to the code of construction CODAP in force and delivered according to the decree of May 11, 1970 or DESP 97/23/EC.