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Veris Verabar™

Company - Veris was founded in 1987 with a vision to develop a flow sensor to significantly exceed the performance of traditional averaging pitot tube designs. With 100 years of combined experience in the field of DP Flow Measurement Technology & opportunity for a new improved design lead to the birth of VERABAR Flow Element. VERABAR utilized the much critical aerodynamic & fluid dynamic principles that other manufacturers overlooked. The VERABAR has gained world-wide acceptance due to its superior performance.

Principle - In its simplest form, an averaging pitot tube senses the natural averaged differential pressures created by the velocity profile of the fluid flowing in a pipe.

When the fluid impacts the sensor, it creates a high pressure zone, greater than pipe static pressure, in front of the sensor. As the fluid moves past the sensor, it accelerates & a low pressure zone is created to the sides & rear of the sensor. Multiple sensing ports are positioned in the high & low pressure zones & an averaged differential pressure is produced. The DP increases proportionally to the square of the velocity of the fluid.

Accurate & reliable technology for measuring gas, liquid & steam

Verabar Shape
Developed from Aerospace technology, VERABAR averaging pitot flow sensor provides unsurpassed accuracy & reliability. With its solid one piece construction & bullet shape, the Verabar makes flow measurement clog-free & precise.

Superior Signal Stability & Greater Resistance to Clogging

Clogging can occur in low pressure ports located in or near the partial vacuum at the rear of the sensor. The Verabar design locates the low pressure ports on the sides of the sensor, forward of the fluid separation point & turbulent wake area. This virtually eliminates clogging & produces an extremely stable signal.

Lower Drag & Extended Turndown Scientifically proved technology of dimples on golf ball lowers aerodynamic drag, same principle is being used by VERABAR reduce pressure drag for better stability & extends accuracies at lower velocities.

Ideal Equipment to replace traditional technology like Orifice, Flow Nozzle, Venturi, etc.

Advantages of VERABAR over traditional devices -

  • Low Pressure Drop (Energy Conservation)
  • No Maintenance Cost
  • Online Insertion-Retraction under flow
  • Installation Cost is negligible
  • Accuracy is maintained for years
  • Single Penetration to Get mass Flow, Pressure, Temperature

Verabar Model Selector

Verabar Model Selector

Verabar Models

Verabar Model Selector

The Verabar offers the widest application range of any flow sensor. It accurately measures gas, liquid and steam.
Verabar Models