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MAGYN Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter

MAGYN Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter
MAGYN Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter
MAGYN Serials Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter conducts measurement based on the principle of the Faraday Electromagnetic Induction Law. When conductive liquid flows in a magnetic field and incises the magnetic flux, there generated induced electromotive force E in the conductor, as below.


k--------Instrument constant
B--------Magnetic induction density
V--------Average velocity in the cross section of a measured pipe
D--------Inner diameter of a measured pipe

When measuring a flow rate, the conductive liquid flows at a velocity of V perpendicularly through a magnetic field, which inducts a voltage that is direct proportional to the average velocity. The inducted voltage signal is measured on two or more poles immediately contacted with the liquid, sent to a convertor through a cable, and then intelligentized before it is transferred to and displayed in a LCD or converted into a 4¡«20mA or 0¡«1kHz output. Patent No.: ZL 03 2 63802.7

Feature and Usage

Absolute When the temperature, pressure, viscosity and density of the measured fluid changing, the flow meter do not be influence.
Easy Maintenance No moving parts in measuring tube, so easy maintenance.
Widely Use Can measure conductivity liquid, fiber content conductivity liquid, solid content conductivity liquid, suspending material conductivity liquid whenever fiber or solid.
Easy Install Install any angle only need liquid full of the pipe. Straight pipe require 5D for upper stream and 2D for down stream
Large Turndown Ratio The turndown ratio can reach to 1:100
Enclosure For DN15~DN1200 is IP68
High Intelligence Back light English/Chinese LCD display, Meun setting control, three grades password protection, Two-way measuring available, slight signal removal, Auto flow compensate and other function.
SMT Technical Intelligence self-detect and self-diagnoses, many kinds of alarming
SMART Excitation Low power consumer, zero stability, longtime reliability
Multi- Output 4-20mA or 0~10mA current output, Standard Pulse Output, RS485 computer communication output
Slect the right lining and electrode material can measure nearly all conductive liquid.
The power supply system has good voltage vibration adaptability. The power system also resist well electromagnetic interfere.

Main Technical Datum

Accuracy 0.3%,0.5%,1.0%
Repeatability 0.15%¡¢0.25%¡¢0.5%
Ambient Temp. Sensor(Separate Type): -20¡æ-+70¡æ
Humidity 5% 95%RH(No Frost)
Vibration Frequecy:55Hz Amplitude:0.55mm
Ambient magnetic field ¡Ü400A/m
Fluid Temp. Integral Type ¡Ü+80¡æ
Separate Type(Rubber Lining)¡Ü+80¡æ
(PTFE Lining) ¡Ü+120¡æ
Nominal Pressure 0.6MPa~32.0MPa
Liquid Conductivity ¡Ý5u/cm
Power Supply DC24V or AC220V 50HZ
Enclosure: IP68(For separate type with synthetic rubber lining only)
Output Signal 4~20mA/0~10mA, Standard Pulse output
Comunication RS485 Computer Interface
Alarm Output Alive
Electrode Material Stainless Steel,Hastellot, titanium,Tantalum, Carbonized Tungsten, platiniridium
Lining Material PTFE, Synthetic Rubber
Flange Material Cast Steel, Stainless Steel
Measuring Tube Stainless Steel
Anti-explosion Grade Exdeia¢òCT4 Anti-explosion No.:GYB03542
Flange Standard
DN2200-DN3000 DNl200-DN2000 DN700-DNl000 DN200-DN600 PN0.6MPa GB9115.2-2000 PN1.0MPa/PN0.6MPa GB9115.3£¬9119.2-2000 PNl.6MPa/PNl.0MPa GB9115.4£¬9119.3-2000 PN2.5MPa/PNl.6MPa GB9119.10£¬9119.4-2000
DNl5-DNl50 DN40-DNl00 DN40-DNl00 DN40-DN80 DN40-DN80 DN40-DN80 PN4.0MPa GB9119.10-2000/JB/T82-94 PN6.4MPa JB/T82-94 PNl0.0MPa GB9116.23-2000 PNl5.0MPa GB9116.24-2000 PN25.0MPa GB9116.25-2000/GB9115.35-2000 PN32.0MPa GB9115.36-2000

Main Technical Datum

Electrode Material Eroding Performance
316 Stainless Steel For water, waste water orinorganic or organic acid nitric acid, lower than 5% vitriol in room temperature, boiling phosphoric acid, formic acid, aqueous alkali, and sulfurous acid, sea water, and acetic acid in a certain amount of pressure.
Hastelloy seawater and brine
Carbonized Tungsten For no eroding but high wear and tear liquid
Titanium Seawater, various chloride and hypochlorite, gasified acid (including fuming nitric acid), organic acid, and alkali.
Tantalum Chemical liquid, including boiling muriatic acid, nitric acid, and 175¡æ-down vitriol, but excluding hydrofluoric acid, fuming nitric acid alkali.
Platinum/Iridium Various acid, alkali, and salt, but excluding aqua regia

Lining Material Selection

Lining Material Main Performance Fluid Temperature Range
PTFE (I) Resistant muriatic acid, vitriol, nitric acid, aqua regia, concentrated alkali, and organic solvent; (II) good wearability and bad cohesion. (I) -80¡«+180¡æ; -20¡æ~+120¡æ
Synthetic Rubber (I) Quite good resilience, wearability, and breaking tenacity; (II) Anticorrosive to normal weak acid and alkaline. (I) £¼80¡æ; (II) Water and sewage. <+80¡æ

Flow Range and Nominal Diameter Selection

DN Flow Range(m3/h) DN Flow Range(m3/h)
(mm) Flow Velocity 0.3~1.0m/s Flow Velocity 1.0~10m/s (mm) Flow Velocity 0.3~1.0m/s Flow Velocity 1.0~10m/s
15 0.19~0.64 0.64~6.4 400 136~452 452~4520
20 0.34~1.33 1.13~11.3 450 172~572 572~5720
25 0.53~1.77 1.77~17.7 500 212~707 707~7070
32 0.87~2.89 2.89~28.9 600 306~1020 1020~10200
40 1.35~4.50 4.50~45.0 700 416~1385 1385~13850
50 2.13~7.10 7.10~71.0 800 543~1810 1810~18100
65 3.57~11.9 11.9~119 900 687~2290 2290~22900
80 5.43~18.1 18.1~181 1000 849~2830 2830~28300
100 8.49~28.3 28.3~283 1200 1221~4070 4070~40700
125 13.3~44.2 44.2~442 1400 1662~5540 5540~55400
150 19.1~63.6 63.6~636 1600 2172~7240 7240~72400
200 33.9~113 113~1130 1800 2748~9160 9160~91600
250 53.1~177 177~1770 2000 3393~11310 11310~113100
300 76.2~254 254~2540 2200 4100~13680 13680~136800
350 104~346 346~3460 2400 4480~16280 16280~162800

MAGYN Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter

MAGYN Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter

MAGYN Intelligence Electromagnetic Flow Meter