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IMR 1000

Combustion Gas Analyzer

IMR 1000

The IMR1000 is a hand held pocket size stack gas analyzer for combustion tests on boilers, burners, etc. The IMR1000-1/2 has up to two sensors with a 2-line LCD.


  • Up to 3 sensors
  • Small and rugged
  • Easy to operate
  • Light weight
  • Memory
  • Infrared Interface for printer
  • Protective boot with integral magnet
  • Large backlit display
  • Reliable Technology
  • Easy to service
  • Displayed parameter can be chosen

Measured parameters:

  • Oxygen O2
  • Carbon Monoxide CO
  • Carbon Monoxide CO (ambient)
  • Flue-Gas Temperature

Calculated values:

  • Combustion Efficiency
  • Excess Air
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • CO corrected to 0% O2


  • Enclosure:

    Rugged plastic case with protective boot and magnet

  • Fuels:

    Natural Gas, Propane, Butane, LPG, Light Oil

  • Measuring units:

    ppm, mg/m3

  • Service program:

    Check of all values

  • Zero point calibration:

    Max. 60 seconds

  • Battery:

    > 8 hrs

  • Languages:

    English, German, French, etc.

  • Condensation trap:

    Integrated filter

  • Operating Conditions

    32-104°F / 0-40°C;
    10-90% rel. humidity, non- condensing

  • Gas sampling probe:

    Thermocouple Type K;
    ∅ 0.25"/ 6mm; Length 9”/220mm; Hose 9’/3m

  • Power Supply:

    4 x AA

  • Weight

    2.2lbs / 1kg

  • Dimensions

    7.9x1.8x3.5” / 200x45x90mm

  • Specifications

    Features IMR1000-1/2
    Rotary selector
    Memory positions (various tests) 20
    Infrared printer port
    Backlit display 2 lines
    Boot with integral magnet
    User programmable headers
    Time & date stamp
    1 yr warranty
    Temp Measurement  
    Flue Temp Range 32 ~ 1112°F / 0 ~ 600°C
    Inlet Temp Range (Ambient) 32 ~ 1112°F / 0 ~ 600°C
    Net Temp (ΔT)** 32 ~ 112°F / 0 ~ 50°C
    Resolution 1°F/°C
    Flue (T1, Inlet T2, & Net ΔT) Accuracy ±[0.3% rdg +5°F(3°C)]
    Inlet Temp Ambient Accuracy ±[0.3% rdg +1°F(1°C)]
    Gas Measurement  
    Oxygen 0 ~ 21%
    O2 Resolution/Accuracy 0.1% / ±0.2%*
    Carbon Monoxide 0 ~ 1000 ppm
    CO Resolution/Accuracy 1 ppm/±10 ppm < 100 ppm*
    Carbon Dioxide** 0~30%
    CO2 Resolution/Accuracy 1.0%/±0.3% reading
    Efficiency** 0 ~ 99.9%
    Efficiency Resolution/Accuracy 0.1%/±1.0% reading
    Excess Air** 0 ~ 250%
    Excess Air Resolution/Accuracy 0.1%/±0.2% reading
    Pressure (Differential)  
      Range ±0.2mBar 0.08”wg
      Range ±1mBar 0.4”wg
      Range ±80mBar 32”wg
    Weight 2.2lbs. with boot
    Handset 7.9 x 1.8 x 3.5”
    Probe 11.8 x 0.25 x 9.4” stainless steel shaft,
    type K thermocouple (9' hose)
    Operating temp 0 to 40°C/10% to 90% Relative Humidity
    Battery x4 “AA” cells / 12 hour life typical with
    Alkaline “AA” cells
    Warranty 1 year limited warranty


    AC adapter with rechargeable batteries
    Infrared printer
    Soft carrying case
    Hard carrying case
    1000-1 O2, condensation trap, gas sampling probe, batteries, manual
    1000-2 O2, CO, condensation trap, gas sampling probe, batteries, manual


    “Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur’s services were utilized to do field study on our combustion air flow measurement. Their systematic approach on the entire process is well appreciated, based on the study carried out we could fine tune the flow meters installed & improve the overall process”

    Tata Steel Limited, West Bengal

    “Understanding the problem to extend practical solution is something what we have experienced. Their analysis & solution helped Dalmia Cement save recurring energy cost & efficiency in the process to improve quality of our material”

    – Dalmia Cements Limited