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Multi Gas Detector


The IX616 portable single gas detector can make continuous detection to combustible and toxic gases. It is suitable for combustible and toxic gas leakage detection in underground pipe or mines, and keeps the workers safe, prevents the facilities from being destroyed. The detector has a high-quality sensor, and uses natural diffusion as the method for detection. It has high sensitivity and reproducibility. The detector uses an embedded MCU controller, and is easy to operate. The shell has special high strength material and anti-slip rubber, and is water-proof, explosion-proof and dust-proof. The alarms are visual, and audible with vibration.

Can store up to 100,000 readings on the internal memory.

Data transfer software and USB cable included.

Gas Ranges:

Target Gas Detecting Range Low-Alarm Range High-Alarm Range Default Low Alarm Default High Alarm TWA Alert STEL Alert
CH4 0 ~ 100% LEL 10% LEL ~ 25% LEL 25%LEL ~ 80%LEL



H2S 0 ~ 100ppm 5ppm ~ 15ppm 15ppm ~ 30ppm





CO 0 ~ 1000ppm

25ppm ~ 100ppm

100ppm ~ 500ppm





O2 0 ~ 30%vol 15%vol ~ 19.5%vol 22.5%vol ~ 24%vol



  • Gas sampling method: natural diffusion
  • Gas sensor type: catalytic (for combustible gas) and electrochemical (for H2S, CO, O2, NH3, CO2, SO2)
  • Accuracy: ±5% FS
  • Response time: T90 < 30s
  • Alarm sound: ≥ 85dB @ 1m
  • Indication: LCD displays real-time and system status
  • LED, audio and vibration alert for gas leakage, fault and low voltage
  • Working environment:
    • -20°C to 50°C for toxic gas
    • -40°C to 70°C for combustible gas
  • Working humidity: <95% RH (non-condensating)
  • Power source: DC 3.7V 1800mAh Lithium battery
  • Charging time: 4h ~ 6h
  • Working time: ≥8h continuously (without alarming)
  • Gas sensor life: 2 years
  • Explosion-proof grade: Exia II CT3
  • Protection grade: IP66
  • Weight: about 220g
  • Dimensions: 120 x 68 x 30mm
  • Communication: RS 232/USB
  • Internal Memory: 100,000 records
  • Data transfer software included
  • USB cable included
  • Charger 110-230V 50/60Hz
  • Clip for belt included
  • Calibration cover included

Optional Features:

  • Gas sampling probe
  • Carrying case
  • Sampling pump


“Installation & Supervision has been key to flow measurement industry. Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd.’s focus on appropriate installation helped to achieve the expected results out of the flow meter”

Arabi Enertech, Kuwait

“Chandak Instruments Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur’s services were utilized to do field study on our combustion air flow measurement. Their systematic approach on the entire process is well appreciated, based on the study carried out we could fine tune the flow meters installed & improve the overall process”

Tata Steel Limited, West Bengal

Telescoping Gas Probe:
IX616 IX616
Probe Length: 100 – 1150mm
Hose Length: 1500mm
Item#: EX660 - Gas probe
Sampling Pump:
Item#: IX176-Sampling pump